I have always had a love for people of all ages, loved making new acquaintances and staying in touch with old friends. This is one place to share my passions with everyone at the same time. Whether we have just met, are getting to know each other, or you know me too well, this is where we can hang out. Come often. See what I am involved in and leave your stories here for me. We all inspire each other. I learn so much from all of you and each of you has something important to add.

I am glad you are making this trip with me. Everything is better in community.

I confess, I am eclectic. I even love the sound of that word. Eclectic by its very definition is a person who derives ideas, style and tastes from a broad and diverse range of sources. That is me.

I love learning. In my school days, I was the one who brought stacks of books home almost every night. A hammock and good book are a must. I read, test, try new things, take classes, and talk to people who have much to teach me.

On this creative journey, I answer to many titles: artist, blogger, traveler, designer, wife, mom of boys, gram, lover of: books, cooking, photography, and dogs-Chloe, and most important of these is Christian.

I am a constant work in progress, redeemed by God’s amazing grace. It is my hope to encourage and inspire as I travel through life. Life is hard, messy and never perfect, but I strive to dwell on the positive and find joy along the pathway.

I am passionate about my faith, people and art, and creating new things is a way to connect these, while helping others build skills and awareness of the artist inside themselves.

I want to leave a legacy, make my mark, and share everything as I go. It is tough out there, but the joy in my heart keeps me going, and friends, there is a great big God who loves us and is worth knowing.

I get to share my life with Scott, who is lovingly called The Hubs in most of my writing, and a Whoodle puppy, 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-law and seven precious grands. I am blessed beyond words.

Working with fibers, textiles, paints, paper and wood, much of my day is spent carving, beading, painting, knitting, rug hooking and stitching. Blogging allows me to capture the memories of my adventures, as I travel, cook, create and journal. I will be teaching you many of the things I have learned, spotlighting a few of the artists I have met, and offering some of my artwork for purchase. I’ll look forward to meeting you on my blog and sharing more stories there: https://www.travelingancientpaths.com and on my social media links.

I can be reached by email at: pamela@pamelahilldesigns.com.

Until we meet again,